Blast Freezer

  • Blast freezer room

    Main Parts:

    1 .Fabricated cold room;
    2.Energy saving design;
    3.R404a environment friendly refrigerant;
    4.Bitzer or Copeland ,Fusheng,Frashcold, Refcomp,Hanbell compressor

    5.Turnkey solutions
    Other accessories: World-famous brands, like Danfoss, Castle, Every Control, Siemens, LG

    CST cold room was honored with “Top-10 brands in China” in 2007.
    CST is one of the few companies in China which have “First-grade Qualification for Cold Room Installation”.



  • IQF Spiral Freezer

    Double drum spiral freezer (IQF) Main Features:

    Stainless steel insulation panels filled with PU foam, 150mm thickness, The insulation floor, 225mm thickness. which is welded seamlessly. No leaking and sinking.

    Conveyor belt is made up with special high strength SUS 304 spiral mesh. High frequency induction heater is used for rod header forming. Running smoother and lasting longer.

    Aluminium alloy evaporator, Aluminius pipes and fins are densly designed for good heat exchange.

    SUS304 electric control panel box controlled by relay, PLC with touch screen.

    Safety device:conveyor belt turn over inductor, belt induction regulator, emergency switch.

  • Quick freezing freezer room

    CST Quck freezing freezer room:

    Inner temperature: minus 30 degree celsius to minus 45 degree celsius

    Polyurethane sandwich panels thickness: 150mm~ 200mm

    Refrigeration system:

    Bitzer compressor,Bock, Hanbell, Fusheng screwed comprssors,etc.


    Mainly applied to the freezing food– frozen meat,frozen boiled dumplings, frozen vegetables,frozen food, seafood,etc.