Ice Making Machine

  • Block ice machine

    CST block ice machine is compact in design,beautiful in shape,convenient for transport and simple in operation.

    CST block ice machine applied PLC control system which is easy to operate and maintain.

    CST block ice machine make use of environmental protection and has anti-corrosin performance as well.


  • Cube ice machine


    Main parts are made by international top manufacturers

    Enhanced durable body and stainless steel cabinet

    Space-saving design,ideal for bar or under-counter application

    Shorter freeze and harvest cycle means quicker ice recovery

    Removable ice storage bin ,making it easier to clean and transport




  • Flake ice machine


    flake ice machine
    1. Self cleaning system
    2. Ice thickness adjustable
    3. Automatically controlling system
    4.Stainless design

     Industrial flake ice machine/ commercial flake ice machine/ ice maker machine


    Flake ice maker
    Daily ice productivity: 30T ( can customerized)
    Weldless formed ice scraper
    High-low temperature alertor

    Feature of our Flake ice maker/machine:

    (1) Components are mostly world-famous brands, such as Bitzer compressor, Bitzer condenser, Danfoss expansion valve

    (2) Energy efficient.

    (3) Automatic control system.

  • Tube ice machine

    Tube ice making machine:

    Tube ice is a kind of hollow cylindrical ice with external diameter ø22-ø42mm and length 25~50mm, crystal and transparent with long storage period.

    The hole diameter is usually ø5~10mm and it can be adjusted according to ice making time.

    Industrial Tube Ice Machine/plant

    Tube ice maker machine advantages:

    1. Design/Engineering Simplicity

    2. No requirement of skilled workers

    3. High durability, minimum maintenance

    4. High-energy efficiency

    5. Prompt services