Product Tag - blast freezer

  • Blast freezer room

    Main Parts:

    1 .Fabricated cold room;
    2.Energy saving design;
    3.R404a environment friendly refrigerant;
    4.Bitzer or Copeland ,Fusheng,Frashcold, Refcomp,Hanbell compressor

    5.Turnkey solutions
    Other accessories: World-famous brands, like Danfoss, Castle, Every Control, Siemens, LG

    CST cold room was honored with “Top-10 brands in China” in 2007.
    CST is one of the few companies in China which have “First-grade Qualification for Cold Room Installation”.



  • Quick freezing freezer room

    CST Quck freezing freezer room:

    Inner temperature: minus 30 degree celsius to minus 45 degree celsius

    Polyurethane sandwich panels thickness: 150mm~ 200mm

    Refrigeration system:

    Bitzer compressor,Bock, Hanbell, Fusheng screwed comprssors,etc.


    Mainly applied to the freezing food– frozen meat,frozen boiled dumplings, frozen vegetables,frozen food, seafood,etc.