Display chiller and freezer room

Display chiller and freezer room

1. walk-in freezer room panel is durable in use, color lasting & coated layer keeping.
2. It is made with Bayer polyurethane material by high pressure foaming. The walk-in freezer room panel density is up to 43kg/m3 or above.

3.The maximum length of panels is 13.5m and the standard width is 295.3mm with fire resistance.
4. The internal walk-in freezer room floor panel of our walk-in freezer room is made by 1.0mm galvanized steel and durable for anti-scratch.

5. The hinged door panel of our walk-in freezer roomis made by heavy duty door hinge, heavy duty door

lock and hydraulic door closer.
6. The connection of our walk-in freezer roompanels are made with PE sealing rubber which is with

high quality sealing.

7. The connection of our walk-in freezer roomis with cam lock construction and excentric fasterners for tight connection and sealing of the cold room

8.Built in lights, switch and other necessary fittings for choice.


walk-in freezer room specification:

Dimension Length (m) *Width (m)*Height (m) Customized
Panel Polyurethane insulation panel,43kg/m3,fire resistance
Foaming material BASF
Panel thickness 50mm,75mm,100mm,150mm,200mm
Steel cover Stucco embossed aluminum,Painted galvanized steel,Stainless steel
Panel connection Cam lock type,use hexagonal key to assemble and disassemble
Type of door Hinged door,Convex door,Sliding door
Temp.of room -45~+20 degree,optional
Usage Fruit,vegetable,flower,fresh/frozen meat etc
Refrigeration unit Copeland/Bitzer/Zanotti etc,China made evaporator
Refrigeration type Air coole/Water cooled
Expansion valve Danfoss
Fittings All necessary fittings are included,optional
Place to assemble Indoor/outdoor(Concrete construction building/Steel construction building)
Voltage/Frequency 380V/50Hz

Panel advantages:

1. Our panel foaming material is Germany Brand BASF . The whole panel average density above 43kg/m3 which

enable the panel with better thermal conductivity of  0.021W/(m.k). The national standard is 0.024W/(m.k), which mean our panels will save the energy consumption of 12.5% than national standard.

2.All the panels we produce are with fire retardant, self extinguish, Fireproofing Grade is B1. It refers to the safety problem.

3.The steel sheet we purchase from Baosteel and POSCO which are the biggest steel factories in the world, they promise the painted galvanized steel they produce will not fade in 15~20 years

4.Gasket is around the edge of each panel , when panel lock together,the cool air will not leak,and the hot air can not come in.

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walk-in freezer room with glass doors

is a new product with various standard dimension sizes. The storage capacity of it

may be specified or selected according to customer’s requirements.

The storage temperature of the walk-in freezer room is displayed and controlled by

digital thermostat for precise control temperature and temperature adjustment to achieve the utmost energy efficiency and perfect storage of food.

Applications: Supermarket, Hospital,Chemical, Restaurant,etc.

Accept OEM (3 glass doors, 4 glass doors,5 glass doors,6 glass doors,etc)

 Item  Model  Dimension


 Refrigerant  Power  Power Supply  Temp(℃)

3 doors display chiller




1150 W



3 doors display freezer






  -5~-18 ℃

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